Consulting Services

General Services
I specialize in the development of new assessment tools designed to measure individual differences in personality, goals, or emotional-motivational states, all of which can be applied to purposes of selection and placement. I can work with established measures that are freely available to the research community as well as commercially available instruments or develop and validate new instruments custom designed for your particular needs.

Key Areas of Specialty
My major areas of expertise include curiosity, creativity, problem solving, goal-setting, self-directed learning, information search and application, facilitating interest and mitigating boredom  – factors that are all critical to success and achievement in any organization. Such information can be  utilized in order to improve selection, placement and training, and to make better use of the existing talents, abilities  and tendencies of individuals that are already within your organization. This knowledge can also be applied to improve their inquisitiveness, creativity, and ability to think critically and solve problems.

Research, Design, and Areas of Analytical Expertise
I have considerable expertise in multivariate statistical analysis, such as factor analysis, structural equation modeling, path analysis, and various forms of multiple regression as well as expertise in experimental and quasi experimental design.

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